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I am a programmer. I write in D (the first result of this activity is GInMA, also installation/updating utilities are written in it), an excellent language, well compared to C++ execution speed and to C# and Java code readability, which has a remarkable abilities to metaprogramming: templates (IMHO, better than C++ templates as those better than C# "templates" (of course, C++ here obviously the pioneer and we should forgive it all, but that's no reason to continue to use its templates, or so you can go so far as that programs should be written in Fortran or even in assembly language), CTFE, static if-s and mixin-s. Previously, I wrote under CLR in C# (InMA 5‑11), but I don't want to help Microsoft to conquer the world any longer.

Another site which has been created by me too (rus):

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