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Mathematics is also art. It is difficult not to understand this but to explain.
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Installation procedure

Our programs support following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000 with SP4
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

If you use GNU/Linux or any other OS, then you should wait. In a short time we will try to fully implement cross-platform.

InMA 5-11 programs' installers can be downloaded from the page Products > Algebra, IGS GInMA - from the page Products > Geometry. If an old version of our program is installed, an installer will uninstall it before installation.

For the programs InMA 5-11 to work Common Language Runtime environment is necessary. Our installer will ckeck an existence of necessary components on a computer and will download it from the Internet and will launch its installation if necessary.

When you first start InMA, the program will offer you two versions: demo or full. Full version requires a password. The password is issued to the purchased product. Demo version is available to any user, but in it you will not be available to look at answers and step by step solutions. But you can use charts, tips, manuals, vocabulary and games.

When you first start GInMA, the program will offer you two versions: free basic or paid advanced. Advanced version requires a password. The password is issued to the purchased product. Basic version is available for free, but in it you will not be able to save drafts. Also some files are available only in advanced version.


When buying a product, you get a license for a specified number of installations of the product. Download and install, or install it from an acquired drive, and you will see a window in which your computer will tell you its identifier of 16 digits (digits and Latin letters) and a control number. At the same time the program will require a password.


Our programs check an ability to update automatically in the presence of the Internet.

Questions? Difficulties? E-mail address: or phone as (Moscow):

  • MTS: +7 915 041‑14‑06
  • MTS: +7 916 856‑03‑32

Have a handy work in the program!

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