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Electronic textbooks

InMA electronic textbook is based on a traditional text-book. Teacher possess of a semi-ready product, allowing him to choose the necessary variants out of multiple options. After entering a file of electronic textbook teacher may see the tasks from the chosen text-book that can be easily modified by making them more or less complicated, thus highlighting certain aspects as it is needed for the comprehension of the material to be learned.

InMA electronic textbook includes Database (interactive math files), Library, interactive Dictionary, training Video. It has a file for each mathematical course topic, based on interactive grafs, interactive texts and interactive formulas, or interactive geometric draft. Each file is provided with the methodological text containing the indication of basis formulae, incorporated tasks, file guide-lines, necessary definitions, recommended installations, special installations using which the problem may have non-standard solution.

To date, InMA electronic textbooks on Algebra are represented in Russian version. The screenshots are shown below.

Demo:To get the demoversions of InMA electronic textbooks for each grade of russian school download it using buttons at the right, install the program and select the option "demo".

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Interactive sets

To date, the Interactive sets on Algebra are represented in Russian version.

Решение уравнений (rus) 15/12/2014

Download pdf

Уравнения с рациональными коэффициентами (rus) 11/02/2014

Download pdf

Задания С5, лекция в МГУ (rus) 28/05/2012

Download pdf

Неравенства с модулем (rus) 20/04/2011

Download pdf

Шкалы (rus) 10/04/2011

Download pdf

Математическая индукция (rus) 23/03/2014

Download pdf

Число решений уравнений с параметром (rus) 15/04/2014

Download pdf

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