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Mathematics is also art. It is difficult not to understand this but to explain.
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Why is our project called Interactive Mathematical Art? Everyone knows that math is a concept that refers to the category of "science", or "exact science". At the same time not everyone can see that math is not only a science but is also an art. This is the art, because mathematics is not confined only to a set of computational skills, because there are beautiful and ugly problem solutions, because mathematics, as the other kinds of art, is familiar with the intuitive insights when the complicated problems are solved.

Visual techniques of InMA images emphasize beauty and elegance of mathematical graphs and geometric drawings, computer processing capability provides high accuracy of the solutions and geometric constructions. Written on paper complicated formulas and graphs are transformed into intuitive images on computer screen, vivid and moving, as life itself.

That is why this is Mathematical Art, and not just Mathematical, written in traditional books, but embodied on a computer screen Interactive Mathematical Art (InMA).

Papers about math software development and use

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    Proceedings of the 21st Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, ATCM, December 14-18, 2016
  2. Shelomovskii V.V. ATCM 2012 Why should we use visualization within math science and math education?,
    invited paper at the Proceedings of the 17th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, ATCM, 2012
  3. Shelomovskii V.V. 2012 Theorems and constructions created using Dynamic Geometry System GInMA. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, ICGG, 2012, Canada.
  4. Shelomovskii V.V. 2011 Development of creativity using GInMA, publication in eJMT,
    "The Electronic Journal of Mathematic and Technology"
  5. Shelomovskii V.V. 2009 Creation of electronic textbook on Mathematics using InMA,
    the paper for the 16-th conference "Mathematic, Computer, Education"
  6. Shelomovskii V.V. 2008 Interactive electronic textbooks
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