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Mathematics is also art. It is difficult not to understand this but to explain.
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The ideology of InMA educational projects, math content and excellent solutions have been created by Ph.D., associate professor, lecturer on mathematics with many years of experience, General Director of LLC Deoma Vladimir Shelomovskii. To get thoroughly acquainted with the theory and practice of math software developing and using you can read his papers. For detailed profeccional activities of Ph.D. V. Shelomovskii please refer to Curriculum Vitae.

LLC Deoma develops and sells educational programs that enable in-depth study of mathematics and physics at a high level.

The educational multimedia products are developed on the basis of Interactive Mathematical Art (InMA) software. It is registered in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent).

InMA realized projects are:

  • It was ten years ago that LLC Deoma started InMA project with the purpose of facilitating the teaching of mathematics in Russian schools with profound study of mathematics. Interactive algebra course and Interactive geometry course are being developed for secondary schools based on popular Russian authors’ textbooks. Currently about 1000 students, and about 50 teachers effectively use the created programs, about 20 of them act as experts, i.e., periodically make suggestions to improve on certain topics.
  • Electronic appendix to materials of Russian competitions in mathematics is created. Computer solutions to the most interesting problems are created for the competitions in geometry.
  • There have been developed some products on physics. LLC Deoma sells software products.

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Address: Zavodskaya Street 7 – 37, Dedenevo, Dmitrov region, Moskow oblast, 141850, RUSSIA

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